BAMnet is the parent company of ReplayLocker® !

Become a Wireless Broadband Operator in your town!

Build a profit generating commercial data network in your town by installing BAMnet's wireless network solution on residential, commercial, or town properties. Our product is high-speed data networking, engineered to support 54Mbit connections. Notable features include turn-key Wi-Fi Internet access services for residents in your town. Connect houses, apartment buildings, corporate complexes, or other antenna mounted locations at up to 10 miles between nodes.

Get started today for Hundreds, not Thousands of dollars.

- Turn-key Wi-Fi feature connects people to the Internet
- Virtual private network feature securely connects multiple locations
- Wireless video cameras supported
- Multicast services supported
- Multicast video services supported
- IP Voice services supported

How to Get Started:

Become a network operator by purchasing BAMnet's wireless radio nodes, provide for installation of radio nodes, become part of the BAMnet network. We provide backend network management, customer provisioning, payment processing, and network installation support. You provide on-site resources such as installation, access to an IP network, and maintenance.

Each radio node is built to support common Wi-Fi access 2.4GHz (802.11b/g), using high-gain antennas, where coverage for notebook computers is approximately 1,000ft per node. Multi-radio nodes support high-speed back haul 5.8GHz (802.11a), where coverage between nodes can reach up to 10 miles in clear line-of-sight conditions. The wireless back haul seamlessly handles an averaged 20Mbit sustained data stream, spanning dozens of radio nodes (hops in the network).

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